Rolling Thunder Group, Inc.


The Rolling Thunder Group is committed to developing thriving relationships and successful projects with honesty, quality, creativity, exceptional service, and collaboration. These qualities are essential for us to operate a healthy, profitable business. We see that these business values are extensions of fundamental human values: 

Truthfulness – fosters trust and honest communications. 

Right Action – fosters the highest quality work.

Peace – fosters creative and wise decisions.

Love – fosters great service based on caring for others' well being.

Communication – fosters win-win collaboration. 

Rolling Thunder is the story of evolution. From the challenges and demands of entrepreneurship comes a deep committment to personal development and spiritual growth. The result is the intent to bring integrity, human values and the spirit of unity into all aspects of our business.  

We are experts in our field and have been awarded continual recognition for our projects. It takes great people to do great things, requiring a capacity to constantly stretch and learn. This is what our team offers and what is required in this day of high technology.

Thank you for your interest. I look forward to collaborating with you on a project soon!


Jeff Symonds, President and Founder



In 2009 we won the coveted Electronic House Magazine Project of the Year for a project in Tiburon, CA. In following years we were a finalist for Best Green Home, runner up for a beautiful Mill Valley project and over a dozen Project of the Year nominations. Many of our best projects are for celebrities or clients who wish to remain private.

-Electronic House Magazine Project of the Year Finalist Tiburon, CA

-Rolling Thunder Home Theater Video

-Rolling Thunder Green Building Video